Your vehicles automatic transmission system can slip or make loud noises as the transmission fluid becomes oxidized with age.  Harmful varnish deposits, gum, and sludge can build-up in the transmission, the valve body, the torque converter, the transmission fluid pan, the filter element, the transmission lines and the transmission cooler.  The addition of BG ATC Plus transmission fluid cleans each of these items and will provide the following:

  • Use a safe and effective cleaner to dissolve and suspend the varnish and gums
  • Rid the entire unit of all old fluid and suspended debris, and install new ATF of the proper specification
  • Fortify the new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers
The BG Transmission Service prolongs fluid life and prevents leaks by conditioning seals and retarding the formation of sludge and varnish deposits.

The BG Transmission Service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan if the initial service is performed within 75,000 miles / 120,000 km.  To maintain coverage, get a BG Transmission Service performed every 30,000 miles / 50,000 km.

Transmission Service Coverage
The BG Transmission Service covers automatic transmissions as follows:

  • Service Interval: Within 30,000 miles / 50,000 km of the previous service.
  • Maximum Reimbursement: Plan 1- $2,000 US; Plan 2-$1,000 US.
See your service adviser for full details and available plans.

Dirty valve body spool with heavy deposit build-up

Clean valve body spool after BG Transmission Service
Automatic transmission fluid before and after the BG Transmission Service

BG's Automotive Maintenance Services are backed by the free
Lifetime BG Protection Plan

Protect your vehicle… for LIFE!

Not sure if you want to invest in a BG Automotive Maintenance Service? The Lifetime BG Protection Plan will help you make that decision.

The high quality BG Automotive Maintenance Services listed below are backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan. That means, for example, if you get a BG Power Steering Service, repair of the lubricated parts in your power steering system will automatically be covered for up to $4,000!* How's that for peace of mind with your investment?

To maintain the lifetime protection, all you have to do is stick to the service schedule listed below!

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan covers seven major systems: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, cooling, power steering and brakes.

U.S. and Canadian Lifetime BG Protection Plan coverage:

To qualify for full coverage (Plan 1), your first BG Automotive Maintenance Service must be performed before your vehicle reaches 36,000 miles (60,000 km). But don't worry, if you're a late joiner, you can still enjoy some of the benefits with Plan 2. To qualify for 50 percent coverage (Plan 2), your first BG Automotive Maintenance Service must be performed within 36,001 - 75,000 miles (60,001 - 120,000 km).
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